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Collection of artworks featuring Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin inspired many artists. This blog is dedicated to provide an overview of paintings and drawings featuring Sarah Palin. Not shown here are sculptures and photo montages. Also not included are “traditional” political cartoons.

Let these creations speak for themselves. They are not displayed in any particular order. Click on the pictures for the full-size version.

dinosaur-palin Jay_Farley-Sarah_Palin_Portrait Mark_Hammermeister-Sarah_Palin_Zombie palin2 with rabbit palin-caricature-artwork palin flattering painting palin_halloween palin painting Bruce_Elliott-Sarah_Palin_Nude-Old_Town_Ale_House Beth_Newell-On_Sarah_Palin_Sabotage_of_McCain_Campaign Sarah-Palin-Caribou-Barbie sarah-palin-cyclops-small sarah-palin-librarian sarah_palin_portrait sarah_palin_with_pancakessarah-the-savior-dan-nance - palinPenelope_Tuesdae-Sarah_Palin_Beaver_21st_Century_Filth sarah_sloppy_pancake  TheEcstasyOfSarahPalinWEB Zina-Saunders-Palin-Alaskan-Roulette Shopping-Palinpalin morning after with mccain Palin victim painting palin with obama painting palin shot liberty palin another pancake palin with shotgunplaying-house-zina-saunderspalin biden debatepalin with babiessarah_palin_0 palin-orient palin-portrait palin-wink.pancake palin doll palin tina fey palin unpublished cover palin wink nice

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